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Many people in the world are in desperate conditions…

Some people succeed, while others fail. People who fail generally lose hope.
GLOBAL HOPE, Inc. is an international organization that brings hope to people whose lives have been shattered by tragedies, poverty and ignorance. Founded in South Korea, the organization’s fieldworks are overseas, reaching different places in the planet. In 1950, South Korea suffered in a war. Death, hunger and devastated the whole country. But many kinds of assistance came immediately from some countries. Those acts of kindness were like seeds being planted in the Korean territory. Koreans felt thankful to those who shared hope and helped them! And so, hope started to grow in their hearts!
Starting this age of globalization, Koreans have been spreading to all over the world and that made an opportunity to return what was given to them and grew up as hope. Global Hope’s vision is to connect people by hope especially to those who are in need, so that they can raise up with hope. Sharing hope is a mission that can’t be done by ourselves, but together with you and the world altogether. Join us in this wonderful act of sharing hope, especially to children, who are in their most vulnerable age, to make them see and feel how people from different parts of the world are devoted to help them by assisting them in their time of needs.


Global Hope aims to support children from needy countries, above all., based on a sustainable care to reach a long-term system, instead of temporary aid. You can join us to make this all possible.

Dr. Yong Joong Cho , President of Global Hope, Inc.