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Many people in the world are in desperate conditions...

However, some people succeed, while others fail.
People who fail generally have lost hope.
GLOBAL HOPE, Inc. is an international organization that brings hope to people whose lives have been shattered by tragedies, poverty and ignorance. Founded in South Korea, Global Hope reaches out to the rest of the world. In the 1950’s, South Korea as a nation, suffered the pains of war.  Death, hunger, poverty and devastations crippled the whole nation.  But immediate assistance of many kinds came from different nations all over the world.  These acts of kindness became the seeds planted in the Korean soil. They were thankful to those who shared hope and cared to help them! The Seeds of hope started to grow in their hearts!
In this age of globalization, Koreans have spread into the world to plant the seeds of hope. Global Hope’s vision is to connect a rope of hope that began in Korea more than 60 years ago to the people who are in need to rise again from the rubbles of hopelessness. As we try to share the rope of hope, we need you to give us a strong hand to send word to the children that there are people who remember them and devoted to throw the rope of hope to assist them in their time of needs.


The vision of Global Hope is to support children from needy countries, to grow based on genuine care of continuous mentoring system instead of temporary aids. With your help, you can join us to throw the ropes of hope to suffering and needy children in dangerous and difficult nations.

Dr. Yong Joong Cho , President of Global Hope, Inc.