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Hope Story - 2016 Sharing Hope With Global Village Concert with An-Yang youth Philharmonic Orchestra.


An-Yang youth Philharmonic Orchestra, 2nd 2016 Sharing Hope With Global Village Concert.


During a busy day of activities on August 15, Liberation Day, An-yang youth Philharmonic Orchestra members gathered together under the blistering sun to share happiness over the world. An-yang Youth Philharmonic Orchestra holds annual concerts to spread hope globally. The funds earned from it are then donated to Global Hope.




The 2nd performance this year, the concert started with Mozart’sDie Zauberflote K. 620 Overture followed by aYou Raise Me Up,and In the Garden ensemble with the SaejungangHandbell Choir. They also performed Jekyll and Hyde with the Baritone Jang-dong-il, the Orchestra’s representative piece, the theme song of The Pirates of the Caribbean and finally, Sibelius’ Symphonic Poem Finlandia Op. 26.




The Charlotte Square where the concert was held was bustling with people who despite the hot weather, showed enthusiasm and energy as they applauded consistently during the whole performance. They also visited the Global hope Booth and joined in on the mission to spread global hope across the world.




We would like to send our appreciation for the orchestra members who performed beautifully and the citizens of Anyang for watching the performance despite the alarming heat wave of the summer.


Sharing Hope Together!







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