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Hope Story

  1. La La La~ Let’s have a day out in Seoul Forest!

    On the 25th of August, when the frequent news of rain had subsided, the children from TWOFMCIS in Itaewon went on an outing to Seoul Forest. They headed to the playground in Seoul Forest and enjoyed th...
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  2. [Fund-raising Epilogue] Children who had to go to work rather than school

    The children with the average age of 12.5 years had to go to work rather than to school. △ The child heading to wash dishes There are many factories in Hlaingthaya, Yangon, Myanmar where illegal child ...
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  3. [Fund-raising Epilogue] Myanmar Donaboa poor children's hope library construction

    In the country of gold Myanmar, children also need light. Most of people are day laborers for their livelihood in a slam town of Mandalay Donaboa Village where is 8 hours drive away from Yangon, Myanm...
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  4. I can’t Wait Until Next Week! Can We Have Another Class Tomorrow?!

    On August 8, the fall semester of 2017 Korean class started at TWOFMCIS(The world of faith mission center international school), located in Itaewon. Despite the two weeks of short vacation amidst the s...
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  5. Story about the growing hope of Grace Hostel

    How have you been in this sweltering and humid summer season? Today when the weather here is like a typical one in the Southeast Asian countries, I would like to update the news about Bangladeshi workp...
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  6. Summer Vacation with HOPELINE ♬

    “Guys! Do you know the reason why we made furniture and pancakes?” After finishing all the activities, instructor Boba asked the question to children. “It is in order to build our abi...
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  7. The Prelude of Hope Resounds!

    At the end of July, Global Hope visited where beautiful melodies and beautiful hearts had gathered together. Global Hope annually hosts <Concert for sharing hope in a global village> in collaboration ...
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  8. Secret Tips on How to Enjoy Summer Vacation #1

    The headquarter for Central Asia of Global Hope that is located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, had opened ‘The Summer Vacation Special Master Class’ for a one month period in June for students par...
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  9. Better Life for Girls

    It was a very precious time for girls at Immanuel Home in Nepal. We deeply appreciate JH Share the Love Foundation and Mom's Organic for the gifts needed for our girls.
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  10. Children’s Day? International Day for Protection of Children?!

    A long summer vacation starts in Kyrgyzstan from late May for 3 month. Students stay at family’s summer house in a mountain or help their parents during the vacation. But before that they celebra...
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  11. The dreams of children growing at school

    It has been 3 years since the Global Hope Nepal branch was established. The Nepal branch has supported children and earthquake victims by supplying various educations and residences. From June 2017, we...
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  12. Travel around the world!

    The 3rd motivation seminar with the topic of ‘Traveling around the World’ was conducted with participation of Samsung scholarship students. As information accessibility is noticeably limite...
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  13. Wearing lipstick heavily~♪

    Today is the day elder girls put on heavy makeup to become more beautiful and help their younger sisters adorn themselves. Above all, it is the day on which they wear the most colorful clothes in the w...
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  14. Life and Choice

    The 5th motivation seminar was conducted with participation of Samsung scholarship students. Khine Mon, a member of local education NGO ‘Thabyae’ participated in the seminar as an instructo...
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  15. Healing trip with Immanuel Home

    Children in Immanuel home had spring break after their final exam. Since they studied hard for last semester, we decided to give them a trip to Pokhara, a very famous tourist site of Nepal, where they ...
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  16. How to look for a book in the library?

    As the children in Myanmar don’t have much experience in reading books written in their own language (Burmese) and using the library, an education for children’s training and development of...
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  17. Myanmar, I am a smart sanitary doctor!

    In Myanmar where heat wave is starting to cover throughout the country, DEC (Dawn Education Center) has conducted a basic sanitary seminar with the newcomers in boarding school based on three topics: b...
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  18. The story of Hope Village in Janghanpyeong

    Last Friday, one day before Ramadan started. There was a very special meeting at a café in Janghanpyeong. The opening ceremony of Global Hope Village Center was held in Dapsimri, Janghanpyeong, ...
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  19. Kyrgyzstan, Simcheong was baffled

    A visit to the Drama Festival of the Global Hope Culture Center The Korean drama festival was held at Kyrgyz National University in Bishkek, Kirgizstan. The many university students studying Korean at ...
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  20. Noorus? Noorus?!! Play with us~

    March 21 in Kyrgyzstan is a national holiday called 'Noorus'. On the holiday our children of HOPELINE2000 visited the Children's Science Center in Bishkek downtown. The Children's Scien...
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