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Hope Story

  1. The Person That I Love!

    It was in Itaewon on January 18th with weather colder than usual. The enjoyable eco-bag making class was held at TWOFMC(The Word of Faith Mission Center). Although Global Hope Korean class was on vaca...
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  2. Fairy-tale moments with children!

    Fairy-tale moments with children! On February 5th, Children in the community center went on a field trip with Global Hope Kyrgyzstan office. This was the first outdoor activity to the children and the ...
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  3. Thank-you letter from Myanmar

    Thank-you letter from Myanmar “We had the warmest end of the year, thanks to you” At the end of last year, a number of donors had supported us for the children at the Global Hope overseas c...
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  4. Stay warm in the winter, with a coin bank full of hope!

    In December 2016, Global Hope Busan Center launched the "Hope Coin Bank" campaign to support the education of children and adolescents in poverty around the world. For about two months, New Busan Churc...
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  5. Coming Soon!

    Today was the last day of Korean language class at immigrant children's school in Itaewon(TWOFMC). The children grew much taller than when we first met. The children and the teachers became much cl...
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  6. Great Scenes in Myanmar 2 - Motivation Seminar

    Pit-a-pat! Pit-a-pat! Can you hear these heart beats? Eun-ji Han, an intern who is preparing for this motivation seminar in Myanmar, seems to be so nervous. Motivation seminar was held for SCM, DEC Sa...
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  7. Dream Maker: the Samsung Dream Scholarship Award

    2016 Dream Maker! With full support we cheer on our Samsung Dream Scholars! Through the Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation, we are supporting the dreams of the students at DEC (Dawn Education Center)...
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  8. TGIFH! (Thanks God, It's a Friday of HOPE)

    Last Friday night, the completion ceremony for Hope Reporter and Hope Friends took place. We started out in short-sleeved tees when we first began during the hot summer days, but here we are now toget...
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  9. To help the children gain strength to run faster

    "Unni? Nuna?" I heard someone calling me in Korean while I was wandering around Ho Chi Minh airport. The unforgettable summer of December started with the welcoming of students from the Department of ...
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  10. We wish you a merry Christmas: Christmas of November

    On Nov. 28 a Christmas party sponsored by RGA was held. Children’s eyes were shining brightly with anticipation. The Christmas party was commenced with Ice Breaking. Children actively participat...
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  11. Kyrgyzstan,Facing the World’s Table.

    What are table manners? In middle-Asia branch (Kyrgyzstan), a training class for HOPELINE scholarship students was held. The subject of this education is table manners.Let’s find out how the tabl...
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  12. Cold Winter NO! Warm Winter YES!

    Cold winter with gusty winds! But the winter of Migrant Children’s School in Itaewon(a.k.a. TWOFMC) is warm. Children all warmed up are concentrating during class. ‘Taste’ was the the...
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  13. Hope reporters’ special way to fight off the cold!

    Hope reporters, warming Shinchon up. Last Friday, when it was particularly cold, our Hope reporters headed to street of Youth, Shinchon. Since last November 20 was Universal Children’s Day, they ...
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  14. The Furniture Made with Beads of Sweat

    A story of supporting furniture to Karakol orphanage in Kyrgyzstan A story of supporting furniture to Caracol orphanage in Kyrgyzstan Warm-hearted volunteers from the Global Hope headquarters in Centra...
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  15. The Blossoming of the flower we call ‘HOPE’ II: Talk by movement and communication

    On Oct. 25th, the second session of “Sharing Tuesdays” was held under the theme of “Modern dance: talk, movement and communication”, following the “Calligraphy” ses...
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  16. Myanmar, draw the future with IT

    Go to the spot of Myanmar’s IT completion ceremony The Global Hope IT center opened again this year. The center has opened classes every year over two sessions for three years since 2014. Last Au...
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  17. TWOFMC goes on an adventure: Following their journey

    Here comes the children of TWOFMC (The Word of Faith Mission Center International School: migrant children’s home) walking briskly. Our children say they went on an adventure. The spot where the...
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  18. The first Korean class of fall semester starts with children’s shy smile!

    The first Korean class of fall semester starts with children’s shy smile September 20th 2016 FINALLY! The Korean class of 2016 fall semester has started at Itaewon TWOFMC. The children's shy ...
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  19. Going to Daniel International School in Bangladesh

    Global Hope has some new family members. Our new members are~~ friends of the Daniel International School in Bangladesh. The school was built in Nagori(Gazipur, Bangladesh) in 2012 for children who cou...
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  20. The Blossoming of the flower we call 'HOPE'

    The Blossoming of the flower we call 'HOPE' ‘Tuesdays are for sharing’, took place at the Circle Foundation last September 27. The event is all about donating one’s talents, ...
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