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Notice - Sponsor HOPE-Assisted Students in the Philippines

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GLOBAL HOPE International



Dear _____________________,


The Global Hope International is offering scholarships to students of Pedro E. Candido Memorial National High School in the town of Hernani, E. Samar. This school is the recipient of two school buildings with 19 classrooms and 1 library (Korean Cultural Library).  This high school was totally damaged by the storm surge brought by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) on November 8, 2013.  Formerly located in the town proper, the school was relocated to Brgy. Nagaja and received a donation from Global Hope because we saw how devastated the school was and the students were after the super typhoon Haiyan ( Yolanda). There were no classrooms left for them to use.


We have witnessed the difficult times of the people of Hernani and we observed that children were the ones mostly affected. They were frequently absent from school because of lack of money. Their parents cannot seem to meet their needs and feed their children regularly, thus, sending them to school is the least of their priorities.


This Hope-Assisted Students is a scholarship with a twist. Global Hope searched for students from very poor families but are “good” academically (not necessarily from the top of their class).  Global Hope will provide them 40 pesos a day for their school needs including transportation (20 pesos) and school materials (10 pesos) and additional food (10 pesos).  The parents must commit to us that they should provide their children with good breakfast since they will not be shouldering their children’s daily allowance anymore.  The students, as their commitment, shall give us an average grade of 83, without failing marks from any subject and several assignments that they should submit every month.  These assignments include:  interviews with 2 of their favourite teachers, interview of their parents, interviews of 2 local government officials, 2 book reports (1 literature and 1 biography), 3-5 hours of community service and a detailed report of their school experiences. The reason for these assignments is to allow them to see and be aware of the different areas in their community and that they will show concern towards it and its people. On the other hand, those whom they will interview, will be able to understand the students and better communication will occur between their teachers and parents.  They also will be monitored by Global Hope, Inc.

The donors or sponsors of this student shall commit a monthly support of 1000 pesos where 900 pesos of this amount will go to the student and 100 will go to the administration (sending charges, monitoring, etc.).


If you are interested to sponsor a student, please let us know or you can fill up the Commitment Form (provided below the child’s profile on the next page).  Through this project, we want to share HOPE to provide a bright future for the selected students who are in need of your assistance and support.





Damples Dulcero-Baclagon

International Coordinator-Philippine Operations






#1 Rowell B. Daiz

Address:  San Miguel, Hernani

5-6 kilometers away from school

Gender:  Male

Age:  15 years old

Grade in School:  9

Average Grade:  88.88

Allowance/Day:  40 pesos

Rowell is the 4th child out of 7 children. He receives 40 pesos as daily allowance (20 pesos for transportation and 20 pesos for food and materials).  Sometimes, Rowell goes to school with only 20 pesos in his pocket (for transportation) and will not have lunch during the day.

His father received a small store from an NGO which cost 10,000 pesos; while his stepmother is a housewife.  Rowell came from a broken family. His father re-married and he lives now with his stepmother.  He wants to be a teacher when he graduates, because it is the easiest way to get employment in E. Samar.



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