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Notice - Join The Global Hope Mascot Design Competition 2016

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Global Hope, Inc. is a non-profit humanitarian and development organization committed to building a global community to share hope with suffering and needy children without dreams and happiness.


*The objective

we are looking for mascot aimed at promoting interests in Global Hope. the winning mascot will become the official ambassador of the Global Hope, Inc.

the mascot will represent Global Hope at lots of event and in web-site, face book etc,


The mascots are building a better village and working for the happiness of children. They built an orphanage in Lallitour, Nepal for the children who is still going through a difficult time after the earthquake in 2015. ‘Hoping’ and ‘Together’ are the best friends.


*what we are looking in a mascot are 

-Mascot that can represent the Global Hope

-Mascot that can show ‘Hope a village project’


*Get Designing and note these dates and deadlines!

ROUND 1 - March 31(6pm), 2016 / Submit Mascot Design to

ROUND 2 - April 4 and runs until April 8,2016 / Online Voting on the Global Hope SNS and Inner judges assessment

Award ceremony - in April 2016


-Schedule can change due to competition program


*Announcing winner

-The result of the contest will be posted on the website, and winners will be notified individually.



-A grand prize : \1,000,000KRW and certificate of award

-Popularity awards(two prizes) : \300,000KRW and certificate of award



No limitation (for a group, one person represents of the group)



- A minimum of 3 sets of expression : happy, Sad, surprise, etc.

- JPG or PNG format in high-resolution 300Ddpi

- Original AI or PSD format

- Participation application(Please download the application form from website and complete the application form, explanation form, approval from)



-Do not have to make in a way of shape of human (No limitation of shaping)

-Can be canceled if a winner isn’t able to contact

-Submitted character design will not be returned and the Global hope will obtain the Copyright of an award work, design right etc.



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